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Monday, 30 September 2013

Waiting to go home!

Elders Willis, Andersen, Harris and Smith just waiting... and waiting for their ride to the airport to return home.  We will certainly miss these wonderful, dedicated missionaries.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Elder Mohlahatsa and Elder Oni
Elders Bell, Smith and Christensen
Elders  Abbott, Baldwin, Park, Tolar, and Bell
Elders Cooper, Elliott, Widdison and Orton
Sister Vinson visiting with Sister and Elder Hezseltine
Missionaries enjoying a visit with Elder Vinson
Elder Willis and Elder Sekirime
Sisters Rametsi, Okeke, Iwenofu, and Kiteto
Elders Bell, Fairwell and Christensen
Elders Dahlin and Falemai
The Presidents' Assistants, Elders Pentreath and Willis
Elders Widdison,  Orton, Ayim, Inyang

Monrovia zone conference

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Elders Montgomery, Fairwell, Osayi, Udotim
President Kirkham
Elder Pearmain, Elder Jensen and Elder Manqane
Elder Poulson enjoying lunch
Elder Erickson
Elders Fairwell,  Nakale and Ideh
Sisters  Nyamekye,  Kithangu, and Addo enjoy
 a photo with Sister Vinson

Elders  Mekenya, Poulson and D. Anderson
Elders Maurana and Cottrell

Sisters enjoying a meal

Visiting with Elder Vinson

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sister Diana Paye & Family with President Kirkham

Sister Paye's family, Mother, Sisters, Brother-in-law, nephews and Grandmother all came to her setting apart prior to her departure to the MTC and service in the Ghana Accra Mission

August 22, 2013 - Eleven New Elders arrive from the Ghana MTC

 Elder Godi from Zimbabwe
 Elder Estigoy from the Phillippines
 Elder Bowring from Utah, USA
 Elder Ngwenya from Zimbabwe
 Elder Christensen from Utah, USA
 Elder Orton from Utah, USA
 Elder Nakale from Namibia
 Elder Baldwin from Idaho, USA
 Elder Bangura from Sierra Leone
Elder Jemba from Uganda
Elder Cooper from Georgia, USA
Airport arrival!
Loading all the luggage

Elders Osifo & Essego return home with honor!

Thank you for your dedicated service for the people of Liberia.  You will be missed.