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Friday, 26 July 2013

New Liberia Monrovia Mission

Top Row: Essego, Guymon, Zaugg, Park, Marondera, Sekirime, Ayim, (Very Top)  Jensen, Myaka, Fairwell, (Very top)  Seiya, Avornu, Enwukweri, Smith, Osanebi, (very Top)  Ngobi, Osayi, Conners, (Very Top)  Anderson, Udotim, Nabende, Kouao, Osifo.

Next Row:  Pearmain, Finau, LaMont, Burr, Dlamini, Maqana, Cottrell, Andersen, Mohlahatsa  Montgomery, Osatohangbon, Ebgu, Inyang, Bell

Next Row:  Humphreys, Erickson, Poulson, Pentreath, Smith, Widdison, Okunrobo, Elliotm  Skouson, Bosomtwe, Harris, Willis, Oni, Ideh, Tolar, Zolo, Morrison  Dahlin, Kamara.

Next Row Sister Ayebazibwe, Sister Addo, Sister Muzambi, Sister Rametsi, Sister Iwenofu, Sister Kiteto, Sister Udenwa, Sister Nyamekye, Sister Okeke, Sister Onwuka

Sitting: Sister Krumm, Krumm, Miles, Sister Miles, Sister Kirkham, President Kirkham, Sister Hezseltine, Hezseltine

Old Sierra Leon Mission

Harbel / Kakata Branches

Harbel Branch anniversary social at the Firestone Plantation.  
Harbel invited the Kakata branch and held a football game at the conclusion.  

Neither of these branches have missionaries yet they continue to grow.

Friday, 12 July 2013

New Missionaries

Ten new missionaries from 6 different countries.  
Missionary count jumped from 66 to 76.

Dropping new missionary off at Paynesville apartment

Sunday, 7 July 2013

President and Sister Kirkham Welcome Devotional

Duala District devotional to welcome President and Sister Kirkham.

 Elder Chior
 District Chior

 Primary Chior

President and Sister Kirkham

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mission Conference - Sisters in Zion

First Mission Conference

President Kirkham Instructing

Elder Pentreath Leading the Music

Some of our Elders

More Elders

Our Missionaries from Nigeria for the most part