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Friday, 26 July 2013

New Liberia Monrovia Mission

Top Row: Essego, Guymon, Zaugg, Park, Marondera, Sekirime, Ayim, (Very Top)  Jensen, Myaka, Fairwell, (Very top)  Seiya, Avornu, Enwukweri, Smith, Osanebi, (very Top)  Ngobi, Osayi, Conners, (Very Top)  Anderson, Udotim, Nabende, Kouao, Osifo.

Next Row:  Pearmain, Finau, LaMont, Burr, Dlamini, Maqana, Cottrell, Andersen, Mohlahatsa  Montgomery, Osatohangbon, Ebgu, Inyang, Bell

Next Row:  Humphreys, Erickson, Poulson, Pentreath, Smith, Widdison, Okunrobo, Elliotm  Skouson, Bosomtwe, Harris, Willis, Oni, Ideh, Tolar, Zolo, Morrison  Dahlin, Kamara.

Next Row Sister Ayebazibwe, Sister Addo, Sister Muzambi, Sister Rametsi, Sister Iwenofu, Sister Kiteto, Sister Udenwa, Sister Nyamekye, Sister Okeke, Sister Onwuka

Sitting: Sister Krumm, Krumm, Miles, Sister Miles, Sister Kirkham, President Kirkham, Sister Hezseltine, Hezseltine

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  1. Hello! My son is Elder Fairwell, serving in the Liberia mission. We love the pictures and information you post about the mission!! Would it be ok if I use some of the pictures you post (the ones with our son in them) for his blog? Thank you for all you are doing there!! It is such a wonderful mission full of wonderful people!!
    Kristina Fairwell