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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Elders Widdison and Skouson

Happy to be going Home!

                                                         Sad to be leaving Liberia!

Have you had enough? :)

                      President Kirkham flanked by his two capable assistants, Elders Dahlin & Burr

    First Class Elders Price and Pishl got unexpected upgrades to First Class from London to Accra!
                                  Elder Gunnell heading to Boston, Elder Backman, to Louisanna
                       Elders LaMont, Park & Elliott heading to the Salt Lake City Central Mission
                                   President Kirkham....all packed and ready to go!  Well done!
                                              Our second attempt.  Loading up in the vans.
                                               Elders Park, Hervie, Montgomery, Avornu

More random evacuation pics

                                                                       MTC Mates:,l to r, Zaugg, Burr, Smith, Cottrell, Poulson, Tolar, Guymon, front: Erickson, Muzambi, Pearmain

Sister Okeke, quickly Off loading baggage weight

                                            How could I have accumulated so much stuff?
                                      Content Sister & Elder Miles, our wonderful office couple.

OUR HERO'S.  Brother Samuel Sayon and Brother Felix Tuanpoh. 
 We would have never made it out without them.  

                                                Elders Park, Hervie, Montgomery, Avornu

                                    Sister Kirkham. Elder & Sister Berrett, Sister & Elder Dever
8 of our 10 Sisters with President & Sister Kirkham
Sisters Kizza, Olanrewaju, Kithanga, Keteto, Muzambi, Iwenifu, Okeke, Onwuka

                                                              Sisters Kirkham & Berrett

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Sunday, 20 July 2014

More Liberians serving missions

Sister Geneva Padmore from Congo Town 1 Branch

Elder Joseph Sumo from Congo Town 2 Branch

Elder Alexander Sirleaf from Congo Town 1 Branch

Elder Bobby Mehnpaine from Paynesville 1 Branch

Visiting Sister Iwenofu and Sister Dlamini at their apartment.

Thanks For The Memories!

L-R: Elders Finau, Ayim, Humphreys, Marondera & Egbu on either sides of President & Sister Kirkham

Having a good laugh before going home.

What good missionaries!  Cheezing before the camera.
"Pear Buttah"!

Saying Goodbye to Sister Addo

  Thank you for your service, Sister Addo.   We wish you well as you return home.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Thinker Village Elders Pass Apartment Inspection and Celebrate with a Colorado Flag?

Front and center Elder Mvinqi
Back row left to right Elders Kaiser, Witehira and Uchechukwu
Only half of the Elders were at the apartments for the inspection.  They passed (they are getting much better at cleaning!!!)  and earned their lollipop.  It is amazing how motivating a  "Tiger Pop" can be!