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Monday, 23 June 2014

Brewerville Zone

Brewerville Zone
Duala, Brewerville, Banjor Districts

L to R - Elders Osanebi, Cottrell, Nartey, Farewell, LaMont, Amoah, Maurana, Etete, Backman, Humphreys, Anderson, Abbott
Sister and Elder Berrett

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Transfer Day

Matadi  (L-R) Elders Pishl, Osatohangbon, Elliott, Bosomtwe, Gharbin
Congo Town (L-R) Elders Park, Godi, Witehira, Montgomery
Paynesville - Morris Farm (L-R) Elders Jemba, Larsey, Gharbin, Manqana
Thinker Village (L-R) Elders Larsey, Kaiser, Cooper, Gharbin, Witehira, Jensen, Mvinqi
You can tell the missionary coming or going by the "Priesthood attire."

Sunday, 8 June 2014

An Historic Event - Creation of Paynesville District in Liberia

An historic event, the division of Bushrod Island District, and Monrovia District, and the creation of  Paynesville District, the 3rd in Liberia, took place today in the Sinkor building.  It was a
 wonderful day and the event signifies the rapid growth of the Church taking place in Liberia.  Division of branches will be forthcoming, as well as the expansion of some the the buildings.  Bushrod Island District was affected by the loss of Logan Town and Doe Community Branches being put into Monrovia District.  The new Paynesville District consists of Thinker Village, Paynesville 1 & 2, Gardnersville and New Georgia Branches.

The New Monrovia District Presidency

The new Monrovia District Presidency:  L-R  Emmanuel Sokan Tarpeh, First Counselor, President Robert Duah Kpah, Mitchell Kpehe Kollie, Second Counselor

Newly created Paynesville District Presidency

The new Paynesville District Presidency sustained today.  President Ben Kumbly Wilson is standing on the left, with First counselor, Carbetah Mattey Timothy Wowoe, Jr.  in the middle, and Andrew Goodridge Nyanforh, Second Counselor, on the right.

Assistants giving inspired council

Elder Finau and Elder Dahlin giving instruction at the Mission Council.  They showed how unified they are by wearing their twin ties!

June Mission Council

These are our wonderful mission zone leaders and sister training leaders, who make up the mission council along with President and Sister Kirkham and the Assistants.  Back row L-R  President Kirkham, Elders Haas, LaMont, Morrison, Dahlin, Elliott.  Middle Row, L-R:  Sister Kirkham, Elders Pearmain, Tolar, Bowring, Guymon, Kamara, Sisters Iwenofu, Okeke.  Kneeling, L-R:  Elders Fairwell, Price, Erickson, Zaugg, Finau, Bosomtwe

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Socializing after Monrovia District Conference- May 25, 2014

June Mission Council- What a great group of Missionaries!

Back Row, L-R:  President Kirkham, Elders Haas, LaMont, Morrison, Dahlin, Elliott
2nd Row, L-R:  Sister Kirkham, Elders Pearmain, Tolar, Bowring, Guyman, Kamara, Sisters Iwenofu, Okeke.  Kneeling, L-R:  Elders Farewell, Price, Erickson, Zaugg, Finau, Bosomtwe

Monday, 2 June 2014

Matadi Elders

Elders Bosomtwe, Elliott, Osatohongbon,Pishl
Matadi Elders passed their apartment inspection! Elder Elliott is enjoying the sucker that they get when they pass inspection. It is not a cigarette!

Elder Poulson Got a Haircut

Elder Poulson got a haircut and I don't think he will need another one for a year!!