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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sinkor-Logan Town Combined Zone Conference

Back Row, L-R:  Elders Finau, Burr, Smith, Godi, Park, Montgomery, Witehira, Pishl,, Nakale , Price, Kamara, Connors, Osatohangbon
Middle Row, L-R:  Elders Dahlin, Okunrobo, Ideh,  Widdison, Sisters Muzambi,  Kithangu, Okeke, Iwenofu, Onwuka, Kiteto, Elders Elliott, Ayim, Bosomtwe
Front Row, L-R: Sisters Rametsi, Br. Missionary, Dever, Elder Dever, President Kirkham, Sister Kirkham, Elder Miles, Sisters Miles, Addo, Kizza 

Paynesville-Harbel-Gardnersville Combined Zone Conference

Back Row, L-R:  Elders Manqana, Tolar,Morrison, Bell, Poulson, Baldwin, Kaiser, Skouson,Gharbin, Larsey,Egbu.   3rd Row, L-R:  Elders Bowring, Zaugg, Cooper, Jensen,Mekenye, Estagoy,Jemba, Ngobi,Seyai, Branch Missionary
2nd Row, L-R:  Elders Dahlin, Avornu, Marondera, Ajalu, Khasiahi, Mvinqi, Haas, Guyman, Finau
Front Row, L-R: President Kirkham, Sister Kirkham, Sister Hezseltine, Elder Hezseltine

Brewerville-Caldwell Combined Zone Conference

Back Row, L-R:  Elders Humphery, Abbott, Osanebi, Cottrell, Agyei, Orton, Gunnell, Oben-Poku, Agyeman, Bangura,     Enwerkwer, Myaka
Middle Row, L-R:  Elders Dahlin, Backman, Amoah, Anderson, Nartey, LaMont, Fairwell, Pearmain, Erikson, Maurana      Falemai, Finau
 Front Row, L-R:  President Kirkham, Sister Kirkham, Sister Berrett, Elder Berrett

Friday, 23 May 2014

AP's Serenade

Elder Dahlin and Elder Finau
The AP's have found a new talent.  Singing "Happy Birthday" complete with props and choreography!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sinkor Sisters Pass Apartment Inspection

Successful inspections are so sweet! (L-R) Sisters Unwuka, Kithangu,Muzambi, Kiteto

Friday, 9 May 2014

Wedding Day in Harbel

The Harbel Missionaries (L-R) Elders Skouson, Ebgu, Haas, Zaugg
President Kirkham, Florence Wesseh, President Wesseh
The Hezseltine's, The Wesseh's and Sam
President Wesseh the Branch President in Harbel got married civilly today!  He and Florence were married in a "traditional" ceremony years ago. To be sealed in  the temple they need a "legal certificate."  President Kirkham performed the ceremony. They are planning for the December Temple trip to the Accra, Ghana temple!!!!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Leadership Training pictures in reverse order

Elders Jensen, Iyim, Burr, Skouson, Tolar Bowring, Guymon
Our Hard working A.P.'s, Elders Dahlin and Finau loading up tables, and even bringing Sister Kirkham's scriptures to the car. We appreciate everything they do.   

A fantastic Day of Training

Elders Pishl, Cooper, Skouson, Elliott
Elder Kamara, Sister Okeke, Elders Iyim, Montgomery
Sister Iwenofu, Elder Bangura

Elders LaMont, Anderson, Humpherys, Montgomery & Jensen

A good time was had by all.  Going home and getting back to work.
Elder Humpherys chillin' in the sun

Breaking for Lunch, & Role Playing

Lining up for lunch
L-R Elders Guymon, Falemai and Poulson
Role Playing, Elders LaMont & Fairwell
Elders Zaugg & Haas
Elders Anderson and Humphreys

President Kirkham giving instruction

Elders LaMont & Fairwell enjoying a laugh with
President Kirkham

Leadership Training for D.L's, Z.L.'s and S.L.T.'s

Sisters Okeke and Iwenofu, Sister Leader Trainers
Elders Jensen, Montgomery, Falemai

Clockwise from bottom L:  Elders Pearmain, Price, Jensen, Pishl, Falemai, Zaugg, Erickson
Elders Bosomtre, Marondera enjoying a sandwich

Elders Morrison, Bosomtre
Elders Morrison, Kamara, Falemai, Bangura
Clockwise starting L - Elders Marondera, Skouson, Elliott, Bosomtre, Montgomery, Cooper

Elders Pishl, Morrison, Montgomery