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Sunday, 10 August 2014

More random evacuation pics

                                                                       MTC Mates:,l to r, Zaugg, Burr, Smith, Cottrell, Poulson, Tolar, Guymon, front: Erickson, Muzambi, Pearmain

Sister Okeke, quickly Off loading baggage weight

                                            How could I have accumulated so much stuff?
                                      Content Sister & Elder Miles, our wonderful office couple.

OUR HERO'S.  Brother Samuel Sayon and Brother Felix Tuanpoh. 
 We would have never made it out without them.  

                                                Elders Park, Hervie, Montgomery, Avornu

                                    Sister Kirkham. Elder & Sister Berrett, Sister & Elder Dever
8 of our 10 Sisters with President & Sister Kirkham
Sisters Kizza, Olanrewaju, Kithanga, Keteto, Muzambi, Iwenifu, Okeke, Onwuka

                                                              Sisters Kirkham & Berrett

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