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Monday, 14 October 2013

No Water...No Problem

When the missionaries got to the Duala Chapel for baptisms on Saturday, the generator that works the water pump was not working.  No water!  Do you think they thought "We better cancel  the baptism?"  NO WAY!  They got to work filling the font by hand.  Here's Elder Bowring pushing the wheelbarrow with the 50 gallon barrel they've filled with water.  Notice the flat tire.
Filling the buckets.

Elders Humpherys, Zaugg, and Erickson
Bushrod Island missionaries
Elder Pearmain filling the font
The results of all their hard work.  Eleven new member for the Bushrod Island District.
The well where the missionaries lowered their buckets to get the water and then filled the 50 gallon barrel.
Elder Pearmain

Great Job Elders!!
Photos and narrative courtesy of Elder and Sister Berrett

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